Team up for new opportunities

Finding new opportunities for EDA business is a complex task that requires new inputs, and that is time consuming.

Thanks to our skills and our industrial experience we can offer you this little push that could boost your growth.

At Edaxpert we have a deep understanding of both tool users perspective (usability, productivity) and tool developer perspective (technical feasibility, reuse opportunities, scalability, maintenance). This is key in order to better position a product while keeping it profitable, or to translate customer intent into accurate technical specifications. These skills can be instrumental during internal discussion within your teams, or during pre sales discussion with your customers.

While working with you we'll make sure to

  • bring prospects or customers to better sense existing opportunities brought by your solution,
  • help you to identify any gaps between customer need and what is technically achievable,
  • share and possibly explore any out of the box proposal that could bring benefits to your business,
  • protect your confidential information.

We can also bring our technical expertise during benchmarks needed to close a deal, or help with shows or standard committees.