Tool and flow development

work-731198_1920Whether you just need to bring to production an existing internal valuable script, or you want to put in place a brand new flow (possibly based on a new technology), we can be involved the way you want.

It can be anything from experiments, specifications, development, tests, deployment or support.

Development can be in shell, TCL, C/C++, Java, Perl or any other language suitable for your design flows. It can be an independent development or integrated into an existing EDA framework. Web and mobile technologies can also be used to enable deployment on various devices.

We pay attention, among other things, to :

  • agree on the expected cost / delay / performance balance,
  • choose with you the right infrastructure (framework, language),
  • select relevant KPIs to constantly track both solution efficiency and development quality,
  • provide accurate technical documentation and training materials.

See on this page examples of various tool/flow developments we did contribute to.