Audits & benchmarks

graph-963016_1280Do you feel you are slowed down by the number of tools in your flow, or the technology, or the time spent in exchanging data between teams ?

Do you think you could have better returns from the tools you have bought ?

Do you think another tool from another vendor could be more efficient ?

We can help you to find this out quickly trough audits or benchmarks, and propose ways to improve.

Here are the important things we are looking for when performing audits of your design flows :

  • take the time to perfectly understand your needs and the targeted perimeter,
  • learn about the different teams involved and their current skills,
  • take into account the existing infrastructure (network, machines, storage),
  • focus first on solutions that can leverage on your existing tool-sets to maximize your ROI.

If you want to compare two or more solutions through benchmarks, we make sure that

  • we work upfront with you to clearly define the key criteria and the key test vehicles to be used,
  • we make frequent updates with you to ensure target is still valid,
  • and we produce appropriate material (scripts, docs) in order for you to replay the benchmark.

Then if your conclusion is that you need to modify or to enhance your flow, we'll be happy to participate to project specifications and/or tool development.